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Hot Chocolate Beads- Mixed

Create your own luxury hot chocolate at home with our very special Hot Chocolate Beads. Using our milk chocolate is 38% cocoa solids and the dark chocolate is 72% cocoa solids which are both naturally gluten-free and nut-free.



Making the best hot chocolates requires the tastiest chocolate. And here at Special Edition Chocolate, we use our own delicious ingredients to create small beads ready to brew into a warm drink. This pack contains both milk and dark chocolate so you can make a blended hot chocolate to your liking.  Our milk chocolate is 38% cocoa solids and dark chocolate is 72% cocoa solids both are naturally gluten-free and nut-free.

How to make our hot chocolate

  1. Measure a cup of milk into a pan
  2. Stir 25g (or more for a thicker drink) of our Mixed Hot Chocolate Beads into the milk on a low heat
  3. Once they’ve combined, pour into your preferred glass, and enjoy

It’s that simple!

Each pack contains 8 servings of 25g.


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